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In 1995, 1,500 copies of the Worlds first ever full feature PAINTBALL comic book titled "Paintball Universe 2000" was released by SPLATTOONS! About a month later a second printing of 5,000 was released containing a full page AllSport ad for Pepsi-co, several AllSport references, and product placements. Both versions are extremely collectable today and are valued @ between $25.00-$75.00u.s. in the World Paintball Library Collectors Guide!


The futuristic story line involved a Paintball Tournament on the planet "Guernsey Alpha IV" (in honor of Paintballs` main founder Robert F. Guernsey) where "Team Earth" maxes out against some of the most vicious, notorious, and not to mention "down right ugly" alien paintball contingencies in the universe! Towards the end of the story a seemingly normal paintball is somehow mysteriously mutated into theOriginal "PAINTBALL WIZARD"! In a totally confused state, the Paintball Wizard (in an act of self-protection while attempting to navigate his strange new exhistance & surroundings) inadvertently casts a spell into a case of SPLATTOONS Brand paintballs, ultimately creating 2,000 mutated paintballs! The contaminated case was reloaded onto the ship with the rest of the extra paintballs supplied by (SPLATTOONS) their main sponsor.


What you are learning right here, for the first time, is that while "Team Earth" was travelling back home they discovered that their fuel gage fuse had blown and the installation of a new fuse revealed the startling news that they were suddenly faced with a fuel level that would not get them to the next planet. Something had to been done... and FAST, so that the ships` pilot could initiate a 30 second burn thrust past a treacherous magnetic pull into oblivion! Once past the danger zone they could simply coast to the next planet or call for star side assistance.


After a quick emergency discussion, the consensus was the only thing that could legally be done without jeopardizing the integrity of the atmosphere, (a crime punishable by death) was to jettison the extra paintballs from the cargo hold to reduce the weight of the ship. Since paintballs are biodegradable and non-toxic the command was given and followed.


This had never been done before so nobody could have anticipated that the cases would all burst open, thereby releasing millions of paintballs into the atmosphere! Even if they did know that would happen, nobody knew there were contaminated, mutated paintballs to present any potential danger! Who knows what will happen next! Millions of paintballs heading towards planets in all directions...including Earth, Venus, Mars, and Saturn to name a few! Paintballs somehow even slipped through Black Holes, and mysterious portals into the past, and future! To find out tune in to "Splattoons Adventures" featured in the Comics Page of this site.

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