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Debbie Lamberger
SOI/ESI Practitioner

Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide foundational support for children with learning differences in order to raise their ability to learn, thereby raising their self-esteem.

Program Overview:

SOI: Structure of Intellect is a program developed by Mary Meeker. It consists of learning ability assessment, which in turn determines individual training programs that use strengths to improve weaknesses.

ESI: Educational Sensory Integration is a training program developed by Dr. Jane A. Ayers PhD, OCT. Sensory Integration is the ability to take in, sort out, and connect information from the world around us in an organized manner. Educational Sensory Integration is designed to strengthen visual and auditory processing abilities.

Note: Studies have shown that sensory integrative dysfunction can be found in up to 70% of children who are considered learning disabled by schools (as many as 30% of school-aged children).

The SOI & ESI programs complement one another and have many benefits, including:

      • Increased ability to learn new material

      • Development of ability to process sequential information

      • Increased motivation & enthusiasm for learning

      • Improved ability to concentrate

      • Increased organizational skills

      • Increased emotional self-control

      • Improved eye tracking and eye teaming

      • Improved speech patterns

      • Improved memory, both auditory and visual

      • Development of rhythm in movement

      • Improved handwriting

      • Improved automaticity of processing information quickly and fluently

      • Improved coordination, motor planning, posture & gait

      • Increased self-esteem

      • Beneficial for overcoming the effects of emotional stress

The remedial & rehabilitative work consists of enjoyable activities that provide an innovative approach to learning.

What people are saying…

My daughter's teachers told me she would never learn to read and write. I thought, well, even if the (soi/esi) programs don't help, they sure can't hurt. We had nothing to lose and everything to gain. Well, she's doing lots of things she couldn't do before. She can even do some of the activities better than some of the other kids in the after-school program! I don't understand any parent not giving this a shot. - NK (parent)

Our son enjoys class more this year. He's happier at school and seems to look forward to going. - JS (parent)

Our daughter's self-confidence has increased. She now looks people in the eye. She's happy to do school work and has increased focus. I'm very happy with her demeanor. She couldn't handle school before, so I home-schooled her. Now, though, she is back in school and doing well. - TK (parent)

Our daughter's dibble (reading) scores went way up. Her teachers are very excited about it! - LJ (parent)

Our son is working hard and is more motivated to do homework. Before, it was a daily battle to get him to do his homework. He wants to move forward. He's reading really well now. He also wants to complete projects before doing other things, like going skiing. He enjoys the program. The equipment is set up all the time, so the whole family does it too and we all enjoy it. - AW (parent)

I've noticed improvements in my daughter's ability to do activities. She's not so negative in general, and she's calmer. We took a break for a month from the program, and she became difficult again. The program makes a difference. - PM (parent)

When we started the program, I used to set the timer, expecting the usual battle…until my son asked if I could please just let him finish what he was doing. For the first time, he didn't want to stop doing something I was making him do! - EW (parent)

My daughter set some learning goals for the first time this year…and, much to the amazement of her teachers…almost achieved them (She went from a modified program without marks to a B-average. Her goal was to get straight B's). - DL (parent)

"How come I do better on my modules here (at the after school program) than I do at home?" "Because you do the (ESI) activities here and not at home"…."Dad, you gotta get the equipment for me. It makes me smart". - ST (student)

"I used to be happy if I passed a test. Now I get mad if I don't get a perfect score. School is okay now." - CM (student)

"Wow! I can do all kinds of stuff that I couldn't do before. It wasn't as hard as I thought. School is easier too." - SR (student)

" When I get frustrated, I just de-stress on the balance board. Then I try again." - KM (student)

"Mom, I'm not stupid…" - AM (student)


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